Online Registration for admission to LKG is introduced for this year in view of the present circumstances wherein social distancing is the norm due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

Please read all the instructions carefully before you click ‘CONTINUE’on the bottom of the page.

1. All columns should be filled in properly.

2. Information given should be clear and specific; if not, the form will be rejected.

3. Only those candidates whose date of birth falls between 01.12.2017 to 30.11.2018 need to register for admission for LKG.

4. Incomplete application forms shall be rejected.

5. Please submit the copies of documents(Birth Certificate, Address Proof) during the time of registration.

6.If selected,the originals of the above documents will have to be submitted for verification.

7. Admission is not guaranteed if you fill in and submit the Form.

8. This online form is only for the collection of data from parents who are interested in admitting their wards in Arya Central School.

9. Admission for next academic year will depend on the vacancy position in the corresponding class.

10. Medium of instruction is English, but Hindi and Malayalam are also taught.

11. Please fill up the contact details including your mobile phone number to receive messages from office.